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True Organics is the Largest West Coast Organic Fertilizer

True Organics, founded in 2003, has established itself as the West Coast’s largest manufacturer of organic fertilizers, focusing on products designed to enhance soil health and increase crop yield. With a profound commitment to organic principles and sustainable gardening practices, True Organics produces fertilizers without using sludge, fillers, or additives, emphasizing organic, natural ingredients. The company’s family-owned status underscores its dedication to a holistic approach to agricultural productivity, aiming to work harmoniously with nature across diverse geographic and environmental conditions. Built on years of experience, True Organics’ product range is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of healthy crops, improving soil conditions to foster robust plant growth.

True Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food

Among its esteemed product lineup, True Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food stands out for its effectiveness in supporting the growth of nutritious and tasty tomatoes and vegetables. Formulated as a granular blend containing 6% calcium, this fertilizer is both people and pet-friendly, crafted from 100% organic and natural ingredients. This commitment ensures gardeners can cultivate their produce without concerns over harmful additives, aligning with modern expectations for clean and sustainable gardening. Suitable for application in both in-ground and container plants, the True Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food is versatile, catering to a wide range of gardening needs with availability in various sizes, including 4 lb bags, 4.5 lb jugs, 8 lb bags, 12 lb bags, and 25 lb bags. This flexibility and convenience make it an invaluable resource for gardeners seeking to nurture their plants with the utmost care and respect for the environment.

Using True Organics’ Tomato & Vegetable Food is a Breeze. Just Follow These Simple Steps:

Measure the Fertilizer:

Depending on the size of your garden or container, measure the appropriate amount of fertilizer. The product packaging typically provides detailed instructions on how much fertilizer to use per square foot or plant.

Apply to the Soil:

Sprinkle the measured fertilizer evenly around the base of your plants. It’s recommended to apply in-ground plants in a circle along the plant’s drip line (the area directly below the outermost reaches of the plant’s branches). For container plants, distribute it evenly across the soil surface.

Work into the Soil:

Gently work the fertilizer into the top 1-3 inches of soil using a rake or hand tool, careful not to disturb the plant roots.

Water Thoroughly:

Water your plants thoroughly after applying and mixing the fertilizer into the soil. This helps break down the fertilizer’s organic material, making nutrients available to the plants.

Repeat as Necessary:

Follow the recommended feeding schedule provided on the product packaging. This usually involves reapplying the fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season to ensure your plants receive consistent nutrition.

Remember, the effectiveness of the fertilizer can be influenced by factors such as soil type, weather conditions, and the specific needs of your plants. Monitoring your plants’ health and growth can help you adjust how much and how often you feed them with the fertilize.

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