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Preparing your lawn for spring.

Ensure a healthy, vibrant turf in the coming months.

As winter recedes and spring arrives, it’s time to tend to your lawn and lay the groundwork for a season of lush growth.

  • Clear away debris, fallen branches, and leaves.
  • Test your soil’s pH and nutrient levels.
  • Aeration can be highly beneficial.
  • Overseeing any bare spots.
  • Early weed prevention and fertilization.

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Damblys Garden Center

Dambly’s, Southern New Jersey’s premier Garden Center brings you the best for all your lawn and garden needs. Our team of specialists can assist you in finding what you need for your success.

We also carry landscape supplies like mulch, stone, sod and pond equipment to help you complete all your special projects.

In addition to our full line of garden and landscape supplies, we also carry wild bird seed and bird feeders, and hydroponics for indoor gardening. Be sure to visit us in November and December when we transform into a fully functioning Christmas Destination!

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