Welcome to Dambly's

Welcome to Dambly's Garden Center.

Dambly's Garden Center is the premier store in Southern New Jersey for all of your lawn and garden needs. Whether your garden is indoors, organic, bird/butterfly, or made up of edibles, annuals or perennials, our specialists can assist you in finding what you need for success.

We also carry landscape supplies like, mulch, stone, pavers, sod and pond equipment to help you complete all your special projects.

In addition to our full line of garden and landscape supplies, we stock horse and livestock feeds, wild bird seed and feeders, canning supplies, Yankee Candles, and are a hydroponics and indoor gardening supplier. Be sure to visit us in November and December when we transform into a fully functioning Christmas Destination!

Hydroponics Department

All the tool and knowledge you need.

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Firewood & Propane

Stay warm and eat well.

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What's New

7th Annual - Ladies Night

 Thursday, April 30th, 4pm-6pm

Come out to Ladies Night where it is all about you! Taste and learn how to create delicious herbal teas and refreshing infused water; enjoy demonstrations on how to assemble the perfect patio planter with Albert; and join DIY Debbie as she makes Champagne Blush Jelly and mason jar whipped cream (and of course enjoy a taste!).

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Bird of the Week

The Eastern Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey and a member of the finch family. Although some people refer to the goldfinch as a ‘Wild Canary’, they may not realize that the goldfinch only displays its bright yellow color during some of the year. When fall arrives, Goldfinches molt, and the male’s brilliant yellow becomes a dull brown and his black cap disappears.

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Mulch to Talk About

There is no one, universal mulch for everything. There are pros and cons to every mulching material. Whatever the material, mulch needs to stay put to be effective, but should also be easy to remove and apply.

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Spring Lawn Care
As a homeowner, nothing can compare to a green, lush lawn. The kind of lawn you can walk across barefoot to pick up your Sunday paper, or play catch with your kids. Nothing can beat a natural carpet to run your toes through as you relax on a warm summer afternoon. If that is what you are picturing for your lawn then the time to start is now.
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Ladies Night

April 30th, 4pm-6pm

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