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Beat the Heat with these Blooms

As the temperatures increase, you may be wondering which flowers will add color to your landscape while still harboring the heat. Here are some annual and perennial blooms that make great choices to bring life to your landscape despite the scorching summer. 

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Perennial Highlight: Oenothera

Oenothera, also known as an evening primrose, produces many pale pink, saucer-shaped flowers from May to August. It grows 6-8 inches tall, is a vigorous spreader, and is low maintenance..

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Try a Beautiful Butterfly Bush
Properly named, the butterfly bush attracts dozens of different kinds of butterflies and also is a favorite of the hummingbird. It is an inexpensive shrub that comes in several different colors (purple, lavender, white and pink).
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Organic Vegetables Have Arrived

In addition to our vast selection of non-GMO vegetables, herbs and fruit, we now have USDA Organic vegetables available! From spicy peppers to juicy tomatoes you can grow your own with a sound mind.

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