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Keep Poinsettias All Year!

Although you may think of it as a seasonal plant, the poinsettia is a very decorative long-lasting Houseplant. The blooms will last for several months with the proper care.

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe Chances are you have some pumpkins lying around this time of year, and a fun and festive activity to make good... Read More

The Bird of the Week: Blue Jay

Blue Jays are one of the most striking of our local feeder birds, with their brilliant blue crest and wings contrasted with a black collar and white face.  They are larger than many other feeder birds, and noisier as well! Here in New Jersey, Blue Jays can be spotted year-round

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BOW: White-throated Sparrow

When it snows in the winter it is important to keep your bird feeders full for your feathered friends!! One bird you will most likely find after a winter storm in search of food is the White-throated Sparrow. You can identify this bird easily due to his white throat, but also look for white or tan striping on his head and a yellow spot over his eye, close to his beak.

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Welcome to Dambly's Garden Center.

Dambly's Garden Center is the premier store in Southern New Jersey for all of your lawn and garden needs. Whether your garden is indoors, organic, bird/butterfly, or made up of edibles, annuals or perennials, our specialists can assist you in finding what you need for success.

We also carry landscape supplies like, mulch, stone, pavers, sod and pond equipment to help you complete all your special projects.

In addition to our full line of garden and landscape supplies, we stock horse and livestock feeds, wild bird seed and feeders, canning supplies, Yankee Candles, and are a hydroponics and indoor gardening supplier. Be sure to visit us in November and December when we transform into a fully functioning Christmas Destination!


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