Natural and decorative landscape boulders, patio slate, and wall stone add diversity to your landscape design. At Dambly's we have 26 unique shapes, sizes (3/8" to 36"), colors, and textures available, so anyone can add vibrant depth and variety to any property.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of bulk and bagged products. Various sizes and types of wall stone are available, and we carry a large selection of palletized natural stone – from thin veneer to three ton boulders.

Our bulk, bagged and palletized products are available seven days per-week for pick up or delivery (delivery charge varies based on distance from Dambly's).

For palletized products, we can place the product directly on your driveway with no damage to the product using our mobile forklift.

Bagged Stone

Our selection of bagged stone is perfect for any small garden project. Be it around the pool, in the yard or simply in container gardens for drainage, there’s no shortage of reasons to use bagged stone in your yard. Among our most popular stones are the Delaware River (comes in three sizes), Marble, Jersey Yellow and Red Shale (two sizes) and many more. Check out our catalogue for our full selection. We’ve got something for every garden, and we’d be happy to help you decide what will work best for your particular project.

Bulk (Landscape/Construction)

If you’re looking to do some serious renovations with stone, have no fear. We’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need to be successful. Bulk stone is particularly useful for driveway projects. Our Dark Gray Driveway stone is a customer favorite, and pool owners love our Delaware River stone. We deliver bulk by the ton, and at a great price. Delivery charges vary depending on location, so give us a call and we’ll get you started.

Wall Stone (Stackable)

We also have plenty of wall stone options for those looking to create raised bed gardens or hold back earth with a retain wall. The Colonial Grey and PA Fieldstone are our most popular sellers. The creative visual options that become available with wall stones are sure to give your home a fresh look for those trying to mix things up.

Patio (Flagging)

Our flagging materials will turn your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary! A good patio can make all the difference when it comes to backyard visual flare. Our flagstone comes in grey, red, blue and variegated (red and green) color options. Having a pretty patio will have a major impact on the way you enjoy your summers, so if barbecues are you’re thing you’ll definitely want to check out our patio stones. They’re awesome for an English style patio.

Boulders (Landscape)

If you’re looking to add a focal point in your yard, our boulders are for you. They can enhance any garden if you’ve got the right plants. Boulders can work excellently as a background piece to enhance shorter greens, or help you pull off a desert look with cacti and sandy colored rocks. They also go very well with ponds, serving as a great border. You can even use them as a border along stairs on your walkway! A lot of folks looking to create a Poconos or mountain style can use these with rhododendron and hemlocks for a perfect combination. Our boulders come in various sizes, the maximum length being about four feet.


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