The health and foundation of all plant life begins with soil. Whether you are potting annuals, spreading grass seed or starting a vegetable or perennial garden, it remains the most essential factor to ensure your plants thrive.

Organic Screened Topsoil

Many homeowners who become interested in gardening find themselves dealing with harsh sandy and clay-based soils rather than an ideal garden soil – a soft loam, rich in organic matter. Our screened topsoil goes through a thorough sifting process that removes any loose debris, leaving you with a rich organic product for planting grass seed, trees, shrubs and flower or vegetable gardens.

Tip: For ideal water balance and nutrient retention, we recommend mixing with organic amendments such as Bumper Crop, peat moss, compost or manure.

Super Organic Compost

We sell organic compost by the half and full yard.


Potting Mixes

Potted plants are only as good as the soil they’re planted in. Whether you’re planting annuals or growing vegetables, potting mixes provides specific nutrients tailored to your plant’s needs. Along with proper nutrients, plants need soil that drains well – certain plants, like cacti, require less water while others may need generous amounts.

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