A lush green lawn is only a day away with sod from Damblys. Although it may be more expensive than simply laying seed, there are a lot of benefits to using sod that may make it the better option for you.

Laying sod is far easier than using seed. The time you’ll need to invest in growing your lawn with seed is entirely erased with sod, as it gives you an instant lawn. Just lay the pre-grown grass down and you’ve got yourself a beautiful yard. You can lay it down today and party tonight. However, for complete success, sod takes a few weeks to completely take root. Still, that’s significantly faster than grass seed (which takes about a month to grow in). It’s very important to water thoroughly, especially during the first two weeks of growth.

Another big advantage of sod is its resistance to weeds. When laid properly, it's is basically weed-free. You just have to make sure you don’t stretch it when it’s first laid out.

Unlike seed, sod can be planted anytime during the growing season. If there’s adequate water, you can grow it in the middle of summer if need be. It is recommended that you plant in either the spring or fall, but you can absolutely grow it in summer if your lawn requires it.

Types Of Sod

We carry two types of sod: Fescue and Bluegrass. Each function differently so choose what will work best for your specific lawn. Our Tall Fescues are adapted to dry, infertile and acidic soils. They do better than most other cool-season grasses in the shade but do require 4 to 5 hours of sun to establish. Fescues aren’t as well suited for wet areas but will do great in high-traffic yards. If you’ve wanted a beautiful, shady, and low maintenance lawn, Tall Fescue is for you.

On the other hand, our Kentucky Bluegrass prefers full sunlight. While not as resistant to traffic as the Tall Fescue, the bluegrass still can be quite hardy. It’s also very resistant to cold weather, making it a great choice for lawns in the northeast. The Kentucky Bluegrass isn’t without its flaws, however. It is more disease-prone than the Tall Fescue, so you’ll definitely want to monitor it more carefully. Still, Kentucky Bluegrass is perfect for residential areas and business complexes.

We carry fescue in our store and you can preorder a full pallet of bluegrass (500 or 600 sq. ft.) by giving us a call. We sell sod rolls from April through September. We do deliver in larger quantities, so give us a call and we’ll schedule you as soon as possible. We bring in limited quantities of sod each week, so call ahead to preorder your shipment.

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