Long & Re-blooming Perennials and Shrubs

One of the common questions we receive as garden center representatives is, “what flowers will provide the longest display of blooms?” Although some of the most striking perennials and shrubs produce brilliant color for only a short time, there are some great selections that you can enjoy longer because they re-bloom throughout the season.

Perennial Flowers:

Stella D’Oro Daylilies
The Stella O’Doro Daylily is a great addition to any garden, because it begins blooming as early as May and re-blooms all the way until frost! It showcases beautiful yellow flowers that stand out against its gracefully arching green foliage. Day-lilies are a good choice in a garden bed or along borders. They are low maintenance, and form nice compact clumps.


Rozanne Geranium
The Rozanne Geranium grows in a mid-sized mound of green leaves bearing bright violet cup-shaped flowers starting in June and continuing through the summer. They are an excellent choice for the front of a border or to plant in masses. Prune back by half to rejuvenate if flowering lags during the hot weather.


Blanket Flower (Gaillardia)
Blanket flowers are one of the longest-blooming summer perennials, and they do well in hot sunny sites. They are mid-sized making them ideal for the front of a sunny border or in a container. Their flashy daisy-like petals surround a deep button center. Removing faded flowers will greatly extend their blooming season.


Coreopsis varieties have a dependable nature and showcase colorful, daisylike flowers. They have a long bloom period and are generally trouble-free and easy to grow. Tickseed is another name that they are known by. To encourage re-blooming remove dead blooms or cut back if a complete round of blooms have come to an end.


Shasta Daisies
The bright blooms of the Shasta Daisy contrasting beautifully with the rich green foliage making it an eye-catcher in any garden. Its continuous summer bloom is enhanced by frequent removal of dead blooms. Perfect selection for a cutting garden.


Catmint (Nepeta)
Catmint are easy to grow, low-maintenance, and showcase soft purple-blue flowers that are accented nicely against their grey-green foliage.  Since they are nice and full they do well planted in front of taller plants, such as rose bushes, to cover “bare legs”.


Coneflower (Echinacea)
Coneflowers are a longstanding garden favorite, adding height and color to the garden throughout the summer. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, are perfect for cutting, and can handle the summer heat. Regular deadheading will keep this perennial looking great and producing blooms.


Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa)
Although Scabiosa may not be as well known among the average gardener, they deserve their place in the perennial garden as one of the most dependable bloomers that will showcase color throughout the summer. Their soft purple blooms make a great compliment to other flowers in bloom, and deadheading the spent cushion blooms will keep them producing from late spring to fall.



Knockout Rose
Knockout Roses are a great choice for continuous summer color. As far as rose bushes go, they are low maintenance and are known for their resistance to black spot leaf disease. An excellent low hedge or accent.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas
Endless Summer Hydrangeas are a beautiful well-rounded shrub that are long-blooming. Cut back spent blooms to encourage more to come throughout the entire summer.

Butterfly Bush
Properly named, the butterfly bush attracts dozens of different kinds of butterflies and also is a favorite of the hummingbird. It is an inexpensive shrub that comes in several different colors (purple, lavender, white and pink). The butterfly bush begins blooming between late May and early June and continues into early fall. It is a very low-maintenance shrub and requires little care once established. The plant must be pruned to control growth as it is a rapid grower.


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