Did you know that there are between 3-7 million pet rabbits living in the United States? That number places rabbits squarely in the Top 10 most popular household pets! Despite the animal’s increasing popularity, a lot of folks don’t know how to properly feed their rabbits.

Contrary to what common folklore would have you believe, rabbits don’t naturally eat carrots. Hay and grass are the cornerstones of their diet, although they do enjoy the occasional leafy green. Carrots are high in sugar, so they are usually reserved for treats. The same goes for fruits. Rabbits love them as treats, but not as main courses. Lettuce, meanwhile can be harmful if it’s not the right type. Romaine and other dark green lettuces are perfect for rabbits, while Iceberg contains harmful chemicals.

While hay alone will sustain rabbits, adding diversity to their diets will lead to a longer, healthier life. Quality pellet feed can enhance their diet, and ensure that they receive all the nutrients they need.

The rabbit feed we offer is caked Country Feeds Rabbit Feed. It provides complete nutrition for all rabbits. This feed eliminates the need for additional supplements by providing balanced amino acids, protein, vitamins and minerals all rabbits need to thrive. This convenient feed is recommended for rabbits of all ages, and its added probiotics help keep rabbits digestive systems healthy. Country Feeds Rabbit Feed’s firm pellets also help reduce dust and waste.

After a rabbit is weaned off their mother you should feed them a half cup of pellet a day for each 6 pounds of body weight. Since they only require this little bit of food, it makes rabbits an inexpensive pet to keep and enjoy. Food should be limited since pet rabbits lead a rather sedentary lifestyle, but clean water should be available at all times. As the weather heats up they will be drinking more so don't forget to replenish daily!

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