Very few homeowners have a natural stream or lake as part of their landscape. However, there are many gardeners who love to hear water cascading over rocks or the sound of frogs chirping at night. Water gardens, streams, waterfalls, and fish ponds offer a relaxing personal space to enjoy peace and tranquility.

At Dambly's we have a full ponds department with everything you need to create a new pond or maintain your existing pond! In season, we also carry a variety of pond fish and food (including Koi, Shubunkin Goldfish, Fantails, Comets and more).

Pondless Water Gardening

Pondless water gardening remains a popular alternative for those living in communities where ponds are prohibited. They provide enjoyment of aquatic plants and wildlife while maintaining the aesthetics of streams and ponds without violating community rules.

If a pond causes concerns about the safety of your children and others, pondless water gardening provides a safe and attractive option. Just like conventional gardening, water gardening has many creative options to help expand the beauty of your landscape.

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