Colorful Perennials

Enjoy Color Year After Year

There are endless reasons why perennials are a benefit and necessity to your garden. First and foremost, because they provide beauty in their annual-like flowers, their unique foliages, and also because they are hassle-free in that they come back every year (or every other year) bigger and better than the previous year. There is a perennial that will fit any spot you need to fill in your landscape, whether it is in the shade, the sun, along a border, or in a flower bed.

Perennial plants are also an important food source for many birds, especially hummingbirds, and butterflies. Many varieties of perennials are favorites for these beautiful creatures, and if you want to create a butterfly garden, they will be one of your primary choices.

Are you planning your garden? Check out our Plant Finder Database to see what we have for you this year. Since we carry hundreds of different perennials, our inventory changes often. If you don't see what you are looking for give us a call, email us, or message us on Facebook for specific inquiries.

You can also follow these links to check out our popular sunny and shady spot perennials!

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