Perennial of the Week: Dianthus

This week’s perennial of the week is the always popular Dianthus! These red, pink, and white flowers have intricate blooms that are a real show stealers when surrounded by deep green colors. As a bonus, Dianthus will also add the smells of spring to your garden!

The beginning of May is generally a good time to plant these beautiful flowers. They need to grow in well-drained soil, but in terms of sunlight, they are fairly flexible. They require at least six hours of sunlight, but they are shade tolerant. Just make sure they get their six hours and they’ll be in good shape!

Once you’ve got them planted, Dianthus are a very easy flower to care for. Water them when they’re dry and apply fertilizer every six to eight weeks. When the first burst of color is completed, give it a hair cut (cut off the top half of the plant). Then wait for the next round of color. The second set of flowers are not as impressive as the first. Continue this process throughout the fall.

Dianthus are prone to few diseases, most of which are related to receiving too much water. If their soil is too moist, Dianthus develop fungal mildew, molds and rots. Making sure you plant with plenty of air circulation will alleviate this problem immensely.

We sell several variations of Dianthus, including the Neon Star, Eastern Star, and Shooting Star styles. Each has a unique look that you’re sure to love, and we can help you find the one that will fit your garden best!

If you’re looking for a outstanding perennial that will steal the spotlight, especially in lush green landscapes, look no further than the Dianthus! Check out these images to see why they’re some of our favorites.

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