Perennial of the Week: Coreopsis

Coreopsis are our Perennial of the Week! These perennials offer color longer than most other perennials, and are extremely hardy. Their consistent blooms made them a favorite with plant breeders and gardeners alike.

All Coreopsis rebloom when they finish their bloom cycle. Once they’re finished, gather the stalks together and cut the stalks in half. Watch as the new burst forth into flowers again!

Much like our last perennial of the week, the Stella D’oro, Coreopsis are an excellent perennial for beginner gardeners. They are easily maintained and compliment just about anything you want to put in your garden.

The ‘Zagreb’ Coreopsis is one of our favorite varieties. It has beautiful yellow blooms that serve as great borders. ‘Zagreb’ grows best in dry to medium moisture and prefers full sunlight and thrives in poor or sandy soil. There’s no need to worry about heat or humidity with these as well; they’re very resistant to both elements. You can get additional blooms by shearing plants in the middle of the summer to promote a fall rebloom. Disease and insects aren’t an issue, so long as you don’t plant them in poorly drained soil.

‘Golden Sphere’ performs wonderfully as well. It offers double golden-yellow flowers that look a lot like pom-poms. They also should be planted in full sunlight and watered only when the soil feels dry. Under watering ‘Golden Sphere’ harms the plant a whole lot less than overwatering. Blooms appear from summer to fall, and you’ll see plenty of butterflies drawn to it throughout the season.

We have several other varieties of Coreopsis, but these are our most popular. All Coreopsis provide long stretches of color, reblooms, and ease of use. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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