‘Sombrero Flamenco’ Coneflower

Echinacea, better known as Coneflower, is our new perennial of the week! These beautiful flowers are attractive to the eye as well as birds and butterflies. They feature daisy-styled blooms with raised centers.

Coneflowers have just entered their blooming season, which begins in the middle of summer and stretches through the beginning of fall.

Several of our recent posts have been focused on tropicals native to Central America, but the coneflower is found in the wild right here in the US. It originated in Northeast Texas, but it’s so hardy and drought resistant that it can be grown in almost all of the lower 48 states.

Coneflower can be grown in several soil conditions, but it gets best results in sandy soil similar to that found in Northeast Texas. Rich and well drained soil gets optimal results as well. Because they thrive in both full sun and partial shade, coneflowers can be used in a lot of different places in the garden. They should be watered when the soil feels dry, and don’t require any special treatment to thrive.

A stand out flower both in beds and as a border, you really can’t go wrong with coneflower. They’re even a great cut flower! To maximize their bloom cycle, remove spent blooms as you would many other perennials. Fertilizer may improve growth, but it’s not required for healthy coneflower.

The Sombrero series we are featuring is half the size of a normal coneflower, growing about 2 feet. If you want to add coneflowers to your garden, but need a shorter plant to fit your landscape, these are perfect for the job. They come in orange, red, and yellow as well, perfect for when autumn sets in.

Sombrero Coneflowers are an excellent perennial to add this time of year. They’ll provide a fresh splash of beauty now, last into autumn, and start blooming next year in June.

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