From the richly dimpled surfaces and gently distressed edges of the Antique Patios Collection, to the rough-cut stone character of the Natural Patios Collection, Belgard's variety of styles abound with texture. The best part is, you don’t have to settle on just one texture to create a stunning backyard hardscape. Adding multiple textures to your Belgard hardscape design can add even more interest.

Textures are also suited to meet your practical needs as well. Smoother, more rounded, surfaces are ideal in high-traffic areas or swimming pool decks, while rough-textured surfaces are perfect for more relaxed areas like patios and porches, as well as, creating accents and borders.

Antique Collection: 
The Antique Collection recalls the rugged, time-honored feel of old European brick.

Classic Collection:
The Classic Collection is characterized by a smooth surface with angles or rounded chamfer.

Natural Collection:
The Natural Collection is characterized by uneven contouring in varying degrees to create a more organic look.


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