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Container Gardening Features & Specials


Ceramic Pottery for Porch, Patio and Deck

Ceramic pottery at Dambly's for both inside the home or office or for your patio or porch with all new designs, colors and sizes

All Ceramic Pottery
NOW 75% off

All Plastic Pots
NOW 25% off

Petunia profusion

Fabric Pots

We have a complete selection of Fabric Pots including Smart Pots and Dirt pots. The benefits of fabric pots are; roots stay cooler, air root prunes, grow more plants in less space and are reusable.

Dirt Box Rasied Bed

Fabric Raised Beds Gardens

Dirt Pot Boxes…3 sizes

22” x 46” x 12” …. $49.99
34” x 34” x 12”….. $54.99
46” x 46” x 12”….. $69.99


Plastic Pots


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