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Perennials of the Week

Perennial of the Week: Coneflower

Echinacea, better known as Coneflower, is our new perennial of the week! These beautiful flowers are attractive to the eye as well as birds and butterflies. They feature daisy-styled blooms with raised centers. Coneflowers have just entered their blooming season, which begins in the middle of summer and stretches through the beginning of fall. Several…

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Perennial of the Week: ‘Arizona Sun’ Gaillardia

This week’s Perennial of the Week is the Gaillardia, also known as the Blanket Flower! These wildflowers are a member of the daisy family, every bit as beautiful and easy to grow as their close relatives. Toughness defines the Gaillardia, although you’d never guess it by looking at their lovely blooms. You can often find…

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Perennial of the Week: Coreopsis

Coreopsis are our Perennial of the Week! These perennials offer color longer than most other perennials, and are extremely hardy. Their consistent blooms made them a favorite with plant breeders and gardeners alike. All Coreopsis rebloom when they finish their bloom cycle. Once they’re finished, gather the stalks together and cut the stalks in half.…

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Perennial of the Week: Stella D’oro

This week’s perennial of the week is the Stella D’oro Day Lily! This beautiful yellow lily is perfect for novice and professional gardeners alike. It’s golden blooms will brighten your garden, in both sunny and shady spots. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the Stella D’oro will be an easy perennial for you…

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Perennial of the Week: Dianthus

This week’s perennial of the week is the always popular Dianthus! These red, pink, and white flowers have intricate blooms that are a real show stealers when surrounded by deep green colors. As a bonus, Dianthus will also add the smells of spring to your garden! The beginning of May is generally a good time…

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