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Dambly’s Selection of Laser Lights and Projectors

Every year people look for new ways to decorate their house for Christmas, be it for convenience or a new look. During our annual Open House Party earlier this year, we noticed customers seemed to really flock to our wide selection of laser lights, and who could blame them? Laser lights have revolutionized the way…

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Christmas Indoor Plants You Need to Check Out

At Dambly’s, we don’t let the cold weather halt our commitment to providing you with beautiful plants to fill your home and garden with life. Just this week, in fact, we have received a new shipment of indoor plants that will complement your holiday decor and add another element of seasonal ambiance to your home.…

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How to Fluff your Artificial Trees

Dambly’s Guide to Fluffing and Lighting Everyone’s favorite holiday is rapidly approaching: Christmas! Our store is already loaded with Christmas decor including wreaths, garlands and artificial trees. In fact, we’ve already got some of our artificial trees out of their boxes and on display. We’ll walk you through the steps we take, namely a technique…

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The History of the Jack-O’-Lantern

  Pumpkin carving is an October staple in households across the United States. Whether their expressions are happy, sad, or scary, glowing jack-o’-lanterns peering at those brave enough to wander through October nights bring joy to the season. While everyone has seen a jack-o’-lantern, not everybody knows exactly where the tradition comes from. The answer…

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Keep Poinsettias All Year!

Keep Poinsettias all year The poinsettia is a very decorative long-lasting Houseplant. The blooms will last for several months with the proper care. Poinsettias need bright light, ideally in a South-facing window. Avoid drafts or excess heat from wood stoves, radiators or heat vents. Set the plant in a water-proof container and keep the soil…

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