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Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

The time is now! Christmas is less than three weeks away, so come pick out your fresh cut Christmas Tree while we still have them. Our selection of trees is always robust, the lot filled with beautiful Douglas and Frasier Firs. Shopping for a Christmas tree is a special experience that only comes once a…

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The History of Mistletoe


Like so many of our holiday traditions, kissing under the mistletoe isn’t a new idea. Mistletoe played a vital role in so many societies before our own, leading it to become the symbol of love it is today. While the plant is best known for its romantic side, it has been prized since the ancient…

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Your One Stop Christmas Shop: Dambly’s Christmas Departments

The holiday season has arrived, and we are your one-stop spot for all things Christmas decor! Dambly’s Christmas shop has it all. Our robust selection of artificial trees, ornaments and balls, garlands, wreaths, swags, picks, silk flowers and more will make it easy to decorate this year! Artificial Trees We’ve done a lot of talking…

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Halloween History: The Origins of Famous Halloween Monsters

Halloween approaches, bringing all sorts of terrifying creatures to your door with it! While recent years have seen traditional scary costumes fall in favor of more light-hearted ones, at its core All Hallows Eve will always be about the monsters. Everyone has a favorite, be it the vicious werewolf or the scheming vampire, but where…

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Plants to Bring You Luck in the New Year

We’re not superstitious here at Dambly’s, because we know that plants bring good luck going into the New Year! The luck they bring isn’t just a magic trick. Having plants and flowers in your home improves air quality by increasing oxygen levels and adds vibrance to the world around you. Those refreshing benefits would be…

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Fun Christmas Tree Trivia

You know Dasher and Dancer, but did you know that the tallest Christmas tree in existence is a 91-year-old 122 foot Douglas Fir found in Washington state? We decided to have some fun and check out some interesting facts about Christmas trees, and some of the facts we found were startling! Here are some Christmas…

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Dambly’s Selection of Christmas Trees

December has arrived at last! With the holidays just over three weeks away, we’ve got all of our cut Christmas trees on display and ready to be moved into your living room. There’s something inexplicably special about shopping for a Christmas tree. For kids, it’s an annual memory that lasts a lifetime. For adults, it’s…

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Caring for Poinsettias

Come Christmas time, no plant is quite like the Poinsettia. Its vibrant red blooms are simply unparalleled. In the past, poinsettia’s had a reputation for being extremely beautiful yet extremely frail. Recently, however, they’ve shed the “frail” tag that caused people to be somewhat skeptical about buying them. In fact, It’s no longer uncommon to…

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Caring for Christmas Greenery

Nothing signals the start of the holiday season like a home full of Christmas greenery. Wreaths, garlands, trees… all of those Christmas staples play such an integral role in creating the warm atmosphere we associate with the holidays. Sometimes in their excitement to put these greens up, however, people don’t bother taking proper care of…

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