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Let’s Talk Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

Looking for something different to grow from October through December? Once mums season passes, a lot of people put up their cut Christmas greens and call it a season, but there’s actually plenty of outdoor gardening still to be done! Ornamental cabbage and kale are decorative takes on the classic edibles, with unique foliage that…

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Zinnia: The Potted Summer Annual

  With spring behind us and the dog days of summer hitting full steam, many gardens are hitting that stagnant phase where they simply exist rather than flourish. The best way to give them new life? Adding some summer annuals, like the Zinnia! Zinnias, members of the Aster Family, flourish in the summer heat. Like…

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You Can Beat the Heat with these Blooms

As the temperatures increase, you may be wondering which flowers will add color to your landscape while still harboring the heat. Here are some annual and perennial blooms that make great choices to bring life to your landscape despite the scorching summer. Annuals Lantana In New Jersey Lantana is grown as an annual. It is…

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Pansies and Primroses

Pansies and Primroses, A Great Early Spring Project What You’ll Need For Pansies: A sunny or partly shaded location Composted leaves Espoma 5-10-5 Fertilizer Root Stimulator Mulch What You’ll Need For Primroses: A partly shaded location Composted leaves Root Stimulator Mulch Espoma 5-10-5 Fertilizer Pansies are wonderful flowers to grow in early spring. If you…

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