The holiday season has arrived, and we are your one-stop spot for all things Christmas decor! Dambly’s Christmas shop has it all. Our robust selection of artificial trees, ornaments and balls, garlands, wreaths, swags, picks, silk flowers and more will make it easy to decorate this year!

Artificial Trees

We’ve done a lot of talking about artificial trees recently, but we just can’t help it. They’re one of our favorite parts of the holiday. Artificial trees can fill so many roles in holiday design. They can be the centerpiece of Christmas morning, or a festive little counter top piece. Once you’ve decorated them, artificial trees can be every bit as beautiful as cut trees. Plus, they’re easy to set up, take down, and move around.

Our selection of artificial trees is incredibly robust. We have trees of all sizes, from short three footers to huge 12 footers. They come in different widths as well, so some trees can fit into tighter spaces. For those wanting to avoid stringing on lights, we have pre-lit trees as well.

Even better, all of our artificial trees come with a 10-year warranty, and you don’t need to worry about shipping it out for repair. Bring the tree to us and we will get it fixed up and returned to you free of charge. Pre-lit trees have a three-year warranty on their lights as well.


Home decorating is not complete without a wreath hanging on the front door. These Christmas greens can be natural or artificial. Our artificial varieties come either pre-lit or without lights. We have both LED and incandescent bulbs as well. From standard 20 inchers to massive 60 inchers, we have a wreath for any location. We always will customize your wreath to match your decor!


Christmas garlands add holiday flair to your railings, doorways, and mantles. These evergreens can be decorated in a variety of ways. Some have pre-strung lights while others are decorated with ribbons, pine cones, ornaments and more. Our fresh pine garland is a personal favorite, and it comes in a 75 foot or 25 foot roll. We have a huge artificial garland selection of different sizes and decor, so check them out when you visit!


Swags are the perfect companion piece to your Christmas tree. These small greens come in different shapes and sizes and can be hung up like wreathes. Teardrop style are among the most popular, as the shape makes it easy to decorate well. A lot of people will place a bow on the top and fill out the rest of the swag with smaller touches like pinecones and lights. Swags can also be spheres, giving a more compact look. They come in so many different styles, so there’s bound to be one that bodes well with the overall look of your holiday decor. You can use them indoors and out!

Silk Flowers

It’s so hard to tell silk flowers apart from the real deal these days! We have poinsettia and magnolia styled silk flowers that you can use in several ways. They look great in trees, baskets or vases, with many colors available to customize your decor. We also have all the decorating picks you can imagine!

Ornaments and Balls

No Christmas shopping outing is complete without a new ornament for the tree! We have an amazing selection to choose from as well as the always in style glass balls. For those with young children and pets, our shatter proof balls look just like glass balls but won’t be a safety hazard!


Lights (Laser Lights)

Laser Lights have gained popularity in recent years because they make it so easy to give your home the perfect holiday look. While strung lights won’t be going out of style any time soon, laser lights are a great alternative. They’re easy to set up, as simple as clicking a button, and come at a variety of price points depending on how fancy you want to get.

For more on laser lights, read our blog from last season!

Of course, we also have a great stock of strung lights as well. If you’re looking to refresh your stock we have it covered.

Everything you need to turn your home into a Christmas Wonderland, we have! Come visit us to see our selection for yourself.

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