The end of spring doesn’t mark the end of the gardening season! Tons of annuals and perennials alike grow best during these hot summer months. Canna flowers, for one, love the hot summer sun and humid conditions that other plants want protection from.

That’s because Cannas are tropicals, naturally found in Central America. They bloom in a variety of colors, including red, salmon, yellow, pink, orange, and white. Firm stems hold the flowers pretty high above the foliage and let the plants gently wave in the wind. Cannas can grow between four and ten feet depending on the variety you choose.

As with most tropicals, make sure you plant them in full sun and keep them moist. If there’s less than an inch of rain per week, water your plants regularly. Neutral to slightly acidic soil gets the best results, and although Cannas like bog-like conditions, well-draining soil is ideal.

Once you’ve got them planted, make sure they stay somewhat moist. Fertilizer goes a long way towards maximizing healthy growth, so once a month apply one with high phosphate. Cannas can be winterized and saved for the next season as well! After the first frost has hit and killed the foliage, dig out the canna’s bulb. Rinse the dirt off the bulbs but be careful not to be too rough. Harming the skin of the bulbs opens the possibility of disease. Then, place the bulbs in a dry area for a few days to toughen up their skin. Warp the bulbs in newspaper or something similar and place them in a cold area. From there, just peep in on them every once in a while to make sure they’re not rooting and you’ll be set for the next season!

Any gardener looking to create a tropical atmosphere will have no trouble finding great uses for Cannas. They can be planted in mass, provide a background for other plants, or offer color next to a pool or pond.

Cannas do an excellent job of adding new tropical color to your summer landscape at any point during the growing season. They can be stored for future use, look great in a variety of places, and don’t require extensive care to enjoy. If you’re looking for a unique plant to revive your summer garden, look no further than the Canna. 

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