Knock Out Roses

The universally adored Knock Out roses feature beauty and elegance, as well as hardiness you may not expect from such a delicate looking flower. They’re one of the most popular flowering shrubs around, and for good reason!

Knock Out roses don’t require special care to flourish. They’re very disease resistant, have a bloom cycle of five to six weeks, and are self-cleaning. You don’t even need to deadhead them! Don’t worry about over heating Knock Out roses either. They’re incredibly heat resistant, so plant them in sunny areas without worry. Once planted, Knock Out roses don’t need any more attention. You can prune them if you’d like to shape them, but it won’t effect growth.

If you want to go the extra mile for these guys, feed them rose food in early spring when they begin growing. They only need an inch of water each week to survive, and overwatering can lead to black spots and rust, so make sure you only water Knock Outs when they need it.

Endless Summer Hydrangea

The Endless Summer Hydrangea is the perfect centerpiece for any shrub garden. Thanks to its unique ability to realm throughout the spring and summer months. This adds constant color to your garden throughout the entire season.

The Endless Summer’s sunlight needs are area dependent, although they are fairly flexible. Partial to full shade will get you the best results. Well-drained soil prevents root rot, and we recommend you test it by digging a small hole and pouring in water. If it drains quickly, you’re good to go.

You can even manipulate their color by amending the soil! In acidic soil, they’ll turn blue. In alkaline, they’ll bloom pink. Neutral soil will result in a mixture of blue and pink blooms. Manipulate your soil to get your blooms to come out the color of your choice.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush offers colorful flowers, lures butterflies to your garden, and even draws in beneficial insects to protect your other plants! They’re a favorite of countless gardeners because of their versatility in the garden, beautiful blooms, and quick growth.

Good soil drainage is critical to successfully growing butterfly bush. They don’t need too much water to flourish, only requiring waterings once or twice a week. Like the Knock Out rose, butterfly bush won’t fade or shy away from the hot summer sun. They’ll thrive in full sun, and can even grow up to 12 feet tall if you let them!

There aren’t too many plants that do a better job of luring beauty into your garden. Butterflies love the nectar from butterfly bush, and you may even see some hummingbirds visiting them as well.

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