Spring is here, and that means it’s time to wake up your dormant pond! Before it springs back to life, you need to go through some routine maintenance to make sure everything is working properly. You’ll need to clean up debris, check the filtration system and pump, add beneficial bacteria and change the water if necessary.

Before you start replacing anything, the best thing to do is stop and assess the situation. How do your filter and pump look? What about the UV light? Is your water clear? Once you have an idea of the overall state of your pond, you can act.

If you feel you need to replace your pond pump, or are opening a new pond and need something to get started, we’ve got you covered. We carry a variety of pumps from brands like Laguna, PondMaster, ProficientFlow and Aqua Surge. There are options for every pond style or size, so be sure to check out our selection. If you’re not sure what pump will work best for your pond, our team of experts will set you up with the pump that fits your needs best.

The UV light is just as important as the pump, since it plays a major role in keeping your pond clean. We carry UV lights of all different sizes and strength, so it will be protected from excessive algae no matter how large it is.

Once you’ve got your pump and lighting situation figured out, it’s time to evaluate the water. If it has excessive debris, that’s a surefire sign to change it. Still, when changing pond water you can’t take out all of it. Different people recommend different things, but we suggest you drain no more than 40% of the old water. By changing all of the water, you’ll be removing the natural bacteria and algae the pond needs. This change will also effect the plants and fish living in the pond.

Changing the water is fairly simple. Drain the toxic water with a water pump, shop vac, pond vac or syphon-hose. Then, fill it back up with fresh tap water that has been treated with chlorine remover. The chlorine remover is critical. Tap water contains traces of chlorine in order to kill off dangerous microbes. While this small amount of chlorine won’t hurt humans, it is lethal to fish and beneficial bacteria in your pond.

Once you’ve changed the water, add a dosage of pond salt and you’re good to go on that front! Some people like to add a double-dosage of salt in the winter. If you went in that direction, then you definitely need to change half of your water because the salt levels will be way too high. It’s also better for your pond if you change the water when it’s colder outside. This gives your it more time to balance itself before the summer heat speeds up algae growth. Changing the water when it’s nice and warm may seem more convenient than doing it when it’s still cool, but getting an early start will actually make things easier in the long run.

As soon as water temperatures regularly hit 55 degrees, begin feeding your fish. Our spring and fall food option does give you more flexibility, allowing you to feed your fish when temperatures are around 50 degrees. Most feeding options require water temps to hit 55 degrees, however.

At this point, it’s also time to add Microbe-lift. This product creates a healthy environment for your fish by dissolving additional sludge, adding oxygen and reducing hydrogen sulfide odors. It also contains different types of bacteria that help clear up cloudy water. It’s also non-toxic, so any pets that may drink from the pond water will be safe from poisoning. Add Microbe-Lift once its water temperatures hit at least 55 degrees.

You also want to add a some beneficial bacteria in order to combat algae, ammonia, nitrates and organic waste. We have several products to achieve this end, including Crystal Clear PondShock and Pond-Zyme. You can guarantee yourself better looking, healthier water with these products.

A pond adds so much to any landscape. The flowing water adds movement, and your fish add life. The serene sounds of flowing water makes any yard more peaceful. If you have any additional questions on how to open your pond, please give us a call at 856-767-6883 or give us a visit! We’d love to help you get started.

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