There’s nothing better than a trip to the Tropics. The sun is always shining, pool water always shimmering, and plants always flourishing. Those vibrant tropical blooms complete the picture; the breathtaking scene is almost indescribable! Imagine being able to take the scenery of the tropics and move it to your own backyard… With help from Dambly’s you can make that dream a reality!

Step 1: Brainstorm and Design

When crafting the perfect tropical garden, your goal is to recreate the relaxing atmosphere you find in the tropics. The first step towards creating that experience is brainstorming. Think about what plants make up that perfect tropical experience. For many, Palm trees are the first thing that spring to mind. Here, however, you want to think more big picture. Are you trying to recreate an entire authentic tropical garden, or will a few flowers do the trick? How will these new additions play alongside your existing greenery? Once you have an understanding of your overall vision, achieving success is much easier.

Step 2: Select Your Thrillers


With the goal in mind, it’s time to figure out which attention grabbing centerpieces you can use to make it happen. Looking to add a height element? Palm trees are just the thing! They’re the most iconic part of the tropics for a reason. From the sounds of their leaves waving in the breeze to the long shadows they cast, Palms by the pool are the perfect place to start when creating a tropical atmosphere in your backyard.

If you want a captivating focal point, Hibiscus are an amazing option. Although you may not have known their name, there’s a good chance they’re the tropical flower you picture when you hear the term “tropicals”. They’ve got big, showy blooms that are incredibly unique. This also makes them a great option for those who really want to embrace the exotic side of tropical gardens. You can find them in standard bush form, or braided form.


Tropical bushes do a great job serving as a backdrop for your pool if you have one. Gardenia bushes are an excellent choice for this. They feature an equally distinctive, and beloved, fragrance. Their flowers are complex in design and make for a great standout in any tropical garden.

Vine plants are a staple of the tropics. If you’re trying to bring those to your garden, look no further than the Mandevilla. Mandevilla are shaped more like traditional garden flowers, but their bright colors and distinctive fragrance make them a standout tropical vine plant. They come in many different sizes of pots, and also are available in hanging baskets.

Step 3: Add Fillers

The plants we’ve mentioned aren’t the only option to fit those situations. We have an incredible range of other tropicals that may better help you achieve your vision. If it’s Palm trees you’re looking for, you definitely should check out the variations we carry. You can find Cat, Majesty, Queen, and Sago palms, each with unique strengths.

Step 4: Execute the Dream!

Once you’ve got your plan set, pick up the plants you’re looking for and start growing! Our team will answer any questions you may have in order to make your gardening experience as fun and successful as possible.

Combining palm trees and tropical flowers can help you bring the magic of the tropics to your home. When summer arrives in full swing, there’s nothing better than bathing in the sun in your own little tropical paradise.

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