The change of seasons from Fall to Winter can be very frustrating for dedicated gardeners. We’ve all been there: the weather takes a turn for the worst and suddenly the beautiful yard you enjoyed all year long is left looking bare. Fortunately, a trip to Dambly’s is all you need to transform your home from a Winter Wasteland to a Winter Wonderland! We have several seasonal plants that will add color and cheer to your outdoor garden all the way through the cold winter months. As an added bonus, each plant comes with a complementary red pot and red bow! Here are a few perfect evergreens for winter landscapes.

Pyramidal Evergreens

Evergreen trees are reliable options to add some seasonal color to your yard. We have several options that come in different sizes, including Emerald Green Arborvitae, Dwarf Alberta Spruce and various Junipers.

We have small and medium sized  versions of the universally enjoyed Emerald Green Arborvitae. Our selection of these evergreens are potted, however, so they’ll work perfectly as a decoration on your porch. If you like the tree and want to keep it in your yard, you can always take it out of the pot and plant it in the yard once spring rolls around! Emerald Green Arborvitae are great for blocking wind as well as noise coming from your neighbors.

The Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a slower growing evergreen that looks great in foundation plantings. People will often plant them on both sides of their front doors and put light ornaments on them for the perfect Christmas look.

This Juniper Stricta is a tree new to the store this year. This tree has beautiful blue-green foliage, perfectly complementing the ambiance of winter. Some people like to plant this tree around fences, but it is very versatile and will look great anywhere so long as you give it full sunlight.

Tabletop Evergreens

We’ve also got an intriguing selection of smaller plants perfect for decorating your porch! We’ve got Osmanthus Goshiki, Blue Star Juniper, and Gold Thread Cyprus, all of which are potted and ready to be enjoyed.

The Osmanthus Goshiki is a perfect plant to brighten up any shady areas you feel need life. It’s a striking plant with five pointed leaves and multiple colors. In fact, “Goshiki” means “five colored” in Japanese, a reference to the cream, pink, orange, yellow and green colors found on each leaf. These colors create a powerful color contrast with the winter environment and add a very unique look to your porch. They’re also incredibly drought resistant. This is one plant definitely worth looking into.

The Blue Star Juniper adds attractive blue foliage to your winter garden. It only grows up to 2’ tall, and is very easy to maintain. One of the Blue Star Juniper’s best traits is its resistance to pests. Once you’ve planted them, in either full or partial sunlight, you really don’t have to do much else. They’re low maintenance and beautiful: the perfect plant for Winter!

Lastly, the Gold Thread Cypress. This evergreen has a beautiful golden color that brightens the sometimes dreary winter landscape. It should be planted in full sunlight, however, or its gold will instead turn light green. This plant requires little maintenance as well, being very resistant to drought. It only grows up to 6’ tall, a process that can take up to a decade, so be sure to plant it where it can be visible.

For those looking to just add a little more color, we also have a fresh shipment of cabbage and kale! This colorful plant is definitely a customer favorite, so come on in and grab some! They will withstand the colder temperatures through Christmas, so you’ll be able to enjoy them throughout your family gatherings.

The winter months can be quite colorless, so liven up your yard with some year-round greenery found at Damblys.

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