At Dambly’s, we don’t let the cold weather halt our commitment to providing you with beautiful plants to fill your home and garden with life. Just this week, in fact, we have received a new shipment of indoor plants that will complement your holiday decor and add another element of seasonal ambiance to your home. We’ve just received all sorts of beautiful plants, but we’d like to highlight a few of our personal favorites. The Christmas Indoor plants can’t be missed! 

Christmas Cactus

Photo Credit: Payne's Nursery

Photo Credit: Payne’s Nursery

The Christmas Cactus’s name is both ironic and fitting. It blooms every Christmas, though it’s far from prickly and doesn’t crave the heat that most cacti do. Christmas Cacti blooms are red, pink, white and lavender, and they can live for up to 30 years!

Caring for your Christmas Cactus is very stress free, so long as you put them in the right location. They like to be misted on a daily basis, and should never be kept in a warm room. 68 degrees is perfect for these guys, and you should make sure you don’t allow the temperature in their growing environment to fluctuate much. If Christmas Cacti experience rapid temperature changes their blooms may fall off before they open. We recommend placing this plant in any well lit room.

Norfolk Island Pine

Photo Credit: Calloway's Nursery

Photo Credit: Calloway’s Nursery

Norfolk Island Pine trees are another excellent selection for the holiday season. They look like pine trees, making them a viable option for people who want to bring the outdoors inside.

While other trees, like spruces, require fluctuating temperatures, Norfolk Island Pines like the opposite. As a tropical plant, they can’t survive temperatures below 35 degrees and require some humidity to flourish. A simple pebble tray, humidifier or weekly mistings will easily suffice. Excessive browning on the branches means your pine is either overwatered, under watered, or not getting enough humidity. Adjust accordingly!

Location is one of the most critical keys of Norfolk Island Pine care. They love to sit in bright, indirect light. Still, if you give them indirect bright light they’ll be able to survive just fine.



Cyclamen have an incredibly unique and beautiful look that are sure to please. They bloom straight upwards and come in white, pink and lavender. These plants are eye-catchers, and with proper care you can count on them for years to come.

For such a distinctive flower, cyclamen are surprisingly simple to take care of. In fact, of the three plants we’ve talked about, they are certainly the easiest! Cyclamen grow well in low-lighted areas and require less water than other indoor plants. Try to avoid watering from above the plant, as their leaves prefer to be kept dry. Cooler temperatures are ideal for growth: Cyclamen can survive in temperatures between 40 and 68 degrees. You’ll also want to fertilize them once every two months.

Those are just some of our favorite seasonal indoor plants. We’ve got plenty of other choices that are just as beautiful and fun to grow! Come on into our store to check out our selection for yourself.

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