Dambly’s Guide to Fluffing and Lighting

Everyone’s favorite holiday is rapidly approaching: Christmas! Our store is already loaded with Christmas decor including wreaths, garlands and artificial trees. In fact, we’ve already got some of our artificial trees out of their boxes and on display. We’ll walk you through the steps we take, namely a technique called “fluffing”, to make our artificial trees look like they deserve to be showcased at the Rockefeller Center so you can drop the jaws of your holiday guests.

Before we fluff, let’s talk about sizes. We sell trees anywhere between 2′ and 12′, some slim and some full-sized. With all those sizing options, you could place one in every room! We recommend building smaller trees from the bottom up, and larger trees from the top down. Don’t just put the pieces together, throw it in the stand and call it a day. Although artificial trees are easy to maintain, you still need to primp them up to take advantage of their full potential. 

That’s where fluffing comes into play. The actual process of fluffing the tree is pretty straightforward. Look for branches with jointed ends and gently separate them with your hands. Be sure to cover up any bare spots so the tree looks full once it’s been decorated with ornaments. Bonus suggestion: If your tree is pre-lit, fluff the branches with the lights on so you have a better idea of how it will look on display.

After you fluff the first section, just repeat the process! Plug in your lights, fluff, and attach the next section until your artificial tree is complete.

Finally, let’s talk about lights. We have trees both with and without lights, so the choice is up to you. If you want to light your own tree, follow this strategy crafted by our Christmas designer Arnette. She has been lighting up Christmas trees for years, and has developed some advanced strategies to hide wires that otherwise would distract from your centerpiece.

Photo Credit to Jerry Mann

Photo Credit to Jerry Mann

Regardless of whether or not your tree is real or artificial, her tricks still apply! Wrap the wire around the branch starting from the tree’s center and moving towards the outside. Then pull the wire straight back in again so you can repeat the process on the next branch. We will usually light every branch on our artificial trees, but the choice is ultimately up to you! To hide the wiring, make sure to work as deep into the tree as possible. A lot of people don’t reach in deep enough because they are worried that the lights won’t be as visible. The opposite is actually true. The deeper you work into the tree, the brighter it will be!

If you already have caught the holiday fever, swing by our store and get a head start on gathering your Christmas supplies. We’ll hook you up with whatever you and your family needs. Be sure to be on the look out for information on Santa’s annual trip to our store as well! We’ll have lots of holiday information coming soon, so stay tuned!


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