Where to Plant Your Fruit Tree:

There are 4 things to consider when planting a fruit tree: pollination, sunshine, soil and spacing.


Trees produce fruit after the pollination of their blossoms. There are self-pollinating trees and other trees that need pollen from another variety (this usually is done by bees). In some areas there are enough fruit trees around the neighborhood to allow for cross-pollination, but your best bet is to plant your own “pollination partners”. You have to choose a partner that is the same fruit type but a different variety (pears can’t pollinate apples).


The best place to plant a tree in order to assure prolific fruit is in an area where it will get plenty of sun, at least a half days worth.


Most soils will do fine to keep your tree happy. However, fruit trees do best in well-drained fertile soils, so if your soil has a high clay content you will want to work ⅓ peat into the soil when you plant the tree. Don’t plant your tree in a low spot in your yard either, because it will stay too wet. If you need to, build a mound with topsoil to plant your tree on top of.


The fruit trees we have for you are considered “dwarf” or “semi-dwarf”. This is to optimize the use of space and to produce good crops of fruit. Plant your trees about 12-14’ apart from each other. If you are planting more than one row of trees separated by 18-20’. This will give your tree plenty of room to grow and also allow good airflow and sun to shine down on your trees.)

If you still have questions on where to plant your fruit tree, visit our store or give us a call!

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