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The Bird of the Week: Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow

A common visitor to yards and feeders across North America is the Song Sparrow. This medium sized, somewhat bulky sparrow has a short, stout bill and showcases rusty streaking across its white chest and flanks. His head is a mix of a warm, reddish-brown and gray, although the shades and intensity of streaking can vary quite a bit across North America.   Another signifying feature is a dark patch on the breast. Song Sparrows can be found in many open habitats such as overgrown fields, marsh edges, backyards, desert washes and forest edges.  They flit through dense, low branches and vegetation, but  will move to open ground for food. Flight patterns of the sparrow are short and fluttery and you can spot them by their downward pumping tail.

Song Sparrow

Males can be seen on perches belting out their song—which consists of clear notes and ends with a buzzing trill. When anxious the Song Sparrow will make a sharp “chip” noise.

To attract Song Sparrows scatter seed on the ground or fill feeders with black oil sunflower or millet. Having a bird bath or water feature in your yard is helpful too!

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