Keep Poinsettias all year

The poinsettia is a very decorative long-lasting Houseplant. The blooms will last for several months with the proper care. Poinsettias need bright light, ideally in a South-facing window. Avoid drafts or excess heat from wood stoves, radiators or heat vents. Set the plant in a water-proof container and keep the soil constantly moist. Do not allow the soil to dry out even once during the Holidays. For best bloom color keep temperatures no warmer than 72 during the day, and no cooler than 50 at night.

After Mother’s Day, cut the plants back to 6″ from the soil line, repot into the next size pot, put outside in filtered light for the summer and feed every 2 weeks with liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer. Leave outdoors until Columbus Day, and then bring in the house and place in a bright window in a spare bedroom that gets uninterrupted light during the day and uninterrupted dark at night. Keep Moist!!!

Keep Christmas Cacti all year too!

Keep your Cactus in a warm room that is well-lit but not in direct sunlight (this can cause the leaves to burn). Christmas cacti are not the same as desert cacti, they need regular watering. Avoid overwatering, but when the soil becomes dry it is time to water it again. Christmas cacti enjoy humidity, if the air is dry in our area keep a bowl of water nearby, because the evaporating water will add moisture to the air.

You can place the plant outside in a shady location in the summer, but stick to basic houseplant fertilizer about once a month and move it back inside before the first frost!

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