Honey Do’s For March

Honey Do's

1. In The Flowerbed – Now is the time to do some cleaning. Follow that up with planting Pansies and make sure to add compost for best performance.
2. On The Lawn – Rake any left over leaves up. Then apply Crabgrass Preventer plus Fertilizer along with Portrait.
3. In The House – Report existing houseplants in preparation for Spring. Prune any damaged or dead material. Fertilize for best performance.
4. For The Trees – Now is the best time to prune your trees for shape.
   Spray fruit trees to insure a disease free year. All trees and shrubs need to be sprayed with dormant oil.
5. In The Landscape – Prune all non-spring blooming shrubs.
6. For The Birds – Keep bird feeders full including suet feeders.
7. For The Future – Have great vegetables this summer.  Map out your vegetable garden now and start to plan for planting. Start seeds and plant your Potatoes. Make sure to add compost so that the soil is fertile.
  Beat the rush and plan for that new patio, flowerbed or those other changes that you have been thinking about. Now is the time to be thinking about is so you

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