The Carolina Chickadee is a common bird throughout the northern United States, and if you put out a feeder, chances are you have had these guys as visitors!

Carolina Chickadee

The Chickadee has a bold black head, a white strip under his eye, and black again on his chin. They are active birds with a cheery-sounding call (resembling their name “chicka-dee-dee-dee), and as they fly from tree to tree you will often find them with other flocks of birds like nuthatches and kinglets.

Chickadees enjoy a diet ranging from insects to seeds and suet to berries. In the winter that seed you provide contributes to up to 50% of their diet, but come summer they will feast on caterpillars, insects, spiders and berries in addition to the delights that you provide.

They are year-round residents here in New Jersey, so don’t forget to keep your feeders filled!

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