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We Specialize in Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening

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What is it?

Indoor gardening is a great way to maintain and enjoy your fruit, vegetable, or herb garden all year long! There are quite a few methods you can use to support an indoor garden. You can use artificial soil, soil-less mixtures/media, and hydroponic (water) systems. We can help you decide what will work best for you based on the amount of space you have in your home, what you plan on growing, and how much natural sunlight you have.

What will I need?

Plants in your indoor garden require the same thing that plants grown outdoors do: light, water, nutrients, and stable temperatures. First, you will need to choose how you want to grow your plants using either some form of media (soil, coco, clay pellets, vermiculate, etc.) or using a hydroponic system. Depending on which method you decide to use, we can help guide you toward which nutrients to feed your plants (We carry a full line of General Hydroponics™ nutrients as well as FoxFarm® soil and fertilizers). Lastly, you will need the proper light source to meet your indoor garden’s needs.

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