A horse needs more than just feed. It requires nutrition, and those requirements can be very different from animal to animal. A pregnant or lactating mare and her foals have unique needs to develop strong immune systems. Performance horses use more energy from fat to support their activity levels, whereas a senior horse with a lower activity level needs a different balance of protein, fat and fiber to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Our suppliers, Nutrena and Poulin Grain, are committed to providing precisely balanced, consistent nutrition in each one of their bags of feed that are tailored to the needs of your equine. Representatives and nutritionists from our feed companies often visit to educate us and our customers on horse nutrition and care, and provide additional resources.

We carry different types of horse feed to cater to a wide variety of animals. Poulin’s calorie-plus feed is perfect for horses that need to put on weight, gain energy and improve hair condition. The Decade Endurance Sport increases digestion and absorption of nutrients so your horse’s health and immune system strengthen. Decade Challenger is perfect for pregnant mares and heavily worked horses.

Our Nutrena items include the Empower, SafeChoice, and Stock and Stable brands. The Empower line offers superior nutrition thanks to its high quality ingredients. SafeChoice products are controlled starch diets with added fat to help improve performance and reduce metabolic concerns. Stock and Stable Horse & Livestock Feeds provide a convenient, value-priced feed option that works across a range of species. You can buy this line in textured and pelleted forms, with a variety of protein levels.

We have access to every type of horse feed you could possibly need, including performance horse feed! If we aren’t carrying the type of feed that you want in our store currently, we can order it from Nutrena or Poulin Grain to get you the feed you need.

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