Since the mid-2000s, Wood Pellets have become one of the most popular methods for heating homes. It’s easy to see why. Wood Pellets are cheap, environmentally friendly, and incredibly effective!

Wood Pellets are made from compact saw dust created during the milling of lumber and creation of wooden products like furniture. The sawdust goes through a lengthy compacting process that creates uniformed pellets perfect for burning.

Environmentalists generally prefer wood pellets as means of heating because they are carbon neutral. They emit less carbon than a decomposing tree, and burning one ton provides as much energy as burning 120 gallons of heating oil! The average family uses about 3 tons of wood pellets yearly, saving 360 gallons of heating oil. Wood pellets are 100% natural, without any harmful chemicals that damage the environment when burned.

Compared to other heating options, like firewood, wood pellets are also incredibly easy to store. They take up very little space, as one 4 ft x 4 ft space can hold up to one ton! Keeping the pellets in a dry area, like the basement or garage, keeps your pellets handy but out of sight. Once you do start burning, cleaning your heater each week will keep everything running cleanly and efficiently.

We buy our wood pellets from East Heat because their pellets are entirely made from wood created by lumber industry by-products. Without Easy Heat, that wood would otherwise end up in landfills. The pellets themselves are first class as well. Their 100% wood formulation produces high BTUs, low ash, and dramatic savings in energy usage and heating costs. Regular testing is done of the products they offer, ensuring that every bag of pellets is as efficient as possible.

If you are considering making the switch to wood pellets, you’ll first need to install a pellet stove. There are several different styles, with both visual and practical differences. Be sure to ask your installer what system works best for you!

You can actually use pellets for things not related to heating as well! They make a fantastic liter box for cats, bedding for horses, and even reduce soil acidity. We sell wood pellet by the bag, so be it for heating or a creative use you can get the precise amount of pellets you need.

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