Seed StartingBelieve it or not, the time to start preparing your veggie garden is sooner than you think! While you won’t be moving many plants outside until the weather turns in May, it’s easy to get a head start with seeds from Botanical Interests and Burpee! Our selection includes several types of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, green beans, peas, celery, lettuce, broccoli and so much more. Whatever you like to grow, we have the seeds and the seed starting equipment you need to make the most out of them.

Here in February, you can actually start growing several delicious veggies including:

Kale, Collards, Broccoli, Onions, Lettuce, Eggplant, and Cabbage

We have a full list of dates for when you should start specific plants here on our seed starting calendar!

There are so many different methods to seed starting and have information on many of them however all require three things: Light, Growing Media and Water. For more information on these subjects follow these links!

Types of Hydroponic Growing Media

Hydroponic Lighting

One of our favorite tools for seed starting is Jiffy 7 Peat and Coco Pellets. These amazing pellets serve as both growing media and a pot all in one. Mesh holds the potting soil in, creating a mess-free and simple place for your seed to grow. Adding water causes the pellet to expand, allowing for the perfect amount of air to get into the growing media. From there all you need to do is gently push the seeds into the peat, and water when necessary! Once the plant has matured, and the weather has turned, the pellets can be transplanted directly into the garden.

Just make sure you give them time to adjust to life outdoors. We recommend you expose them to mild outdoor conditions for a few hours for four days, adding a little bit of time to each day. Come the fifth day, leave them outdoors at night, and bring them back in come morning. After a week has passed, they will be able to handle the unstable outdoor!

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