Garden Accents

In addition to our wide selection of plants, we also sell an assortment of garden accents. These add another element of creative flare by adding sound, movement and color to your garden. You can find fountains, flags, spinners, garden art, gazing globes, wind chimes and more at our store. 


garden-accents-fountain_mediumAdd a whole new dimension to your garden with a water feature! Fountains bring the elegance of movement and sound to your landscape. We carry a variety of fountains from multiple tiers, classic style, contemporary, and light up. Our inventory changes regularly, so come in and browse our selection!

Flags & Spinners

Garden_flag_mediumInstalling beautiful flags and wind spinners for fun & decoration is a great way to enhance a walk through the garden. We have an assortment of flags covering a wide range of seasons. You'll have no trouble finding the perfect flag to fit your garden.

Garden Art

GardenSpinner_mediumTransform your outdoor space into an expression of your personal style. Whether you create your very own miniature garden or some container gardens filled with a thriller, spillers and fillers, we have just the right plants for every project and budget.

Gazing Globes

We offer a beautiful selection of gazing globes for your garden. Available in basic plain globes or glow in the dark varieties! Luminescent crystals embedded inside each hand-blown glass globe absorb light energy from any light source and emit a soothing green glow for hours after dusk!

Dating back to 13th century Europe - these timeless ornaments have been providing wonderful garden accents for hundreds of years. Our glass globes are individually hand-blown the old fashioned way.

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