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There’s something magical about firewood. Sitting by the fire with your significant other is one of the most blissful experiences in the world. Kids enjoy the ambiance as well. Some of our greatest childhood memories come from sitting around the fire with our parents, playing board games or watching a movie. It’s impossible to explain in words, but there’s something about the atmosphere set by burning firewood that brings people together.

We believe, despite advancements in heating devices, that there will always be a place for old fashioned firewood because of those experiences. You just can’t replicate an evening by the fire any other way.

Even if you don’t believe in such magic, a wood-burning stove or a heatilator/insert is a great way to heat your home. Like Stove Pellets, it’s much more environmentally friendly than oil or coal heaters. In addition to being a renewable energy source, wood also burns much cleaner than coal and oil. Coal-fired power stations emit on average 1,018 kilograms of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour. Gas, meanwhile, emits 437 kilograms per megawatt-hour. With wood, the carbon dioxide emitted comes directly from the CO2 the tree absorbed from the wilderness. Since the CO2 emitted already existed in the environment prior to burning the wood, the process is net-neutral. Zero kilograms per megawatt hour are emitted (save for the emissions that come from the fire used to burn the wood).

Our firewood is made from oak trees, the most efficient firewood to burn. It also burns the hottest, so you can rest assured knowing that your home will be kept warm.


The prices for our firewood are the best around. We offer various sizes so you can pick exactly what works for you. The prices below are available for pick-up only, but we do deliver as well.

1/16 Cord: $25

1/8 Cord:   $40

1/4 Cord:   $75

1/2 Cord:   $150

1 Cord:      $250

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