There are so many different ways to get your fire started, but Fatwood stands out as the best. Fatwood is wood taken from dead pine trees, making it a renewable resource packed with chemicals that are perfect for starting sustainable fires.

The stumps of fallen pine trees are where you’ll find the most Fatwood. When trees get damaged, from small things like losing a branch all the way to toppling over, the roots send resin to the wounded area. Resin contains highly flammable chemicals, and is waterproof, allowing it to ignite under adverse conditions. This makes fatwood ideal for camping, cooking, and starting up your fireplace in the winter!

Chemical starters might seem like an equal option, but they fall short for several reasons. While artificially produced chemical igniters do flare up quickly, they are terrible for the environment and the people living in your home. The fumes the emit are toxic, and can have dangerous effects animals and small children. Even in adults, these can cause nausea. Fatwood, on the other hand, smells great and is safe to burn.

A lot of people also use newspaper to start their fires. While it is a creative idea, newspapers just aren’t made to serve as fire starters. They don’t burn hot enough to catch the wood quickly and leave behind tons of ash and dust.

Overall, Fatwood can’t be compared to other fire starters. It’s naturally produced, burns cleaner and more efficiently than comparable products, and works perfectly for a variety of jobs. We have fatwood on sale, but be sure to buy it fast. We have already gone through our entire first shipment this year!

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