The Fireplace in American Culture


The fireplace has long been a staple of the American lifestyle. Even before 1776, when the colonies declared their independence from Britain, fireplaces were the spot that families gathered to stay warm, dine, and bond. Although the appearance of a standard fireplace has changed over the centuries, the traditions that come with them have lived…

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Caring for Christmas Greenery

Nothing signals the start of the holiday season like a home full of Christmas greenery. Wreaths, garlands, trees… all of those Christmas staples play such an integral role in creating the warm atmosphere we associate with the holidays. Sometimes in their excitement to put these greens up, however, people don’t bother taking proper care of…

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How to Fluff your Artificial Trees

Dambly’s Guide to Fluffing and Lighting Everyone’s favorite holiday is rapidly approaching: Christmas! Our store is already loaded with Christmas decor including wreaths, garlands and artificial trees. In fact, we’ve already got some of our artificial trees out of their boxes and on display. We’ll walk you through the steps we take, namely a technique…

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