Annuals for Shady Spots

Pink Begonia: Photo Credit

Add Shady Spot Annuals to Complete your Garden!

Impatiens are versatile annuals that can be used in several ways. They work great as bedding, border or container flowers. Plant your impatiens once the danger of frost has passed in full shade. Impatiens require a significant amount of water to stay healthy, so make sure you water regularly. They’ll need at least 2 inches of water a week if planted in the ground, and 4 inches if temperatures rise above 85 degrees. Moist, but well-draining, soil is impatiens’ preference. Plants in containers will need a daily watering if temps are below 85 degrees and two waterings if it’s above 85.

Coleus are one of the easiest plants to grow in the entire gardening world. All you need t do is water them regularly and you can expect great growth. Adding fertilizer can speed up their growth even further if you so desire, but it’s entirely unnecessary. They can be added to beds and borders, or grown in containers, and are sure to delight. Coleus come in many different colors (green, yellow, red and mixed), adding to their versatility. They also grow extremely rapidly, making them easy to add into preexisting gardens.

Begonias also grow quickly and add a splash of color to places in the garden that have been neglected. They come in red, orange, pink, purple, white and yellow, giving you a nice range to pick from. Begonias make for a great complimentary piece, but they can also be used as a main attraction in beds. Caring for these annuals requires you to deadhead spent blooms and water correctly. Cold weather spells doom for begonias, so be sure to bring them in when the weather turns. You can turn your annual begonias into houseplants this way!

We have plenty more shady spot annuals, so be sure to check out our whole collection!

Impatiens (Burpee)
Photo Credit: Pharaoh Hound