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Beautiful Butterfly Bush
Properly named, the butterfly bush attracts dozens of different kinds of butterflies and also is a favorite of the hummingbird. It is an inexpensive shrub that comes in several different colors (purple, lavender, white and pink).
The butterfly bush begins blooming between late May and early June and continues into early fall.
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Organic Vegetables Are In

In addition to our vast selection of non-GMO vegetables, herbs and fruit, we now have USDA Organic vegetables available! From spicy peppers to juicy tomatoes you can grow your own with a sound mind.

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Bird of the Week

Bird of the Week: Purple Martin 
Have you ever seen those birdhouses on long poles that look like they are hotels for our winged friends? Those are purple martin houses! Purple Martins are iridescent, large swallows. They eat thousands of bugs each day which makes them a very desirable backyard bird.

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Planting Roses

Plant rose bushes as early as possible in the spring. Roses grow best with soil moisture but not wet foliage. Here in the Eastern United States we deal with plenty of rain, humidity and dew, so when planting roses keep two important factors in mind: Proper Site and Variety.

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